Skyros blue

                      Skyros blue is a unique untold island story through the eyes of Themis Veleris. Themis Veleris is an Athens based artist, blogger & photographer. His Photographic work is a contemporary view of Life. During his summertime explorations on Skyros island, already from his early youth, Themis recorded all that "blue memory" that it was needed  for presenting us the magic of this magnificent island. 

In his unique archives are contained more than 75.000 images of Skyros. 

Traditional architecture, narrow winding paths, small white houses, galleries, churches, wonderful sunsets, crystal clear waters and an unspoilt wild beauty... Skyros is truly magical. 

Feel the colorful magic of a conceptual photo narration inside the Aegean blue of Skyros island.

Skyros blue is not a tourist guide or an information list...

To be inside skyros BLUE, you need to have, a unique authentic blue story to say.

  Skyros blue is an island colored adventure, a magnificent journey to our childish memories...

Photography: Themis Veleris

Videography: Themis Veleris

Web concept & design: Themis Veleris

Web development: Themis Veleris

Cinematography: P. Vittas 

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You'll come to learn a great deal if you study the Insignificant in depth...  Odysseas Elytis 

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Skyros BLUE is a non profit cultural web portal 

We collect the blue of Skyros BLUE...



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