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Where to stay, what to drink, where to eat...

If privacy is important to you, you will choose the unique brand new Aelia Collection suites in Agios Andreas/Kalamitsa with the private swimming pools and the endless South BLUE...

If you are an art photographer, you must stay in ALEMAR Houses in Aspous. 

If it was 1973 and you was with Monica Vitti, Ornella Vanoni, Mina, Milva & Marcello Mastroianni, you would choose Hotel DIONI for its tranquility and the great swimming pool...

For someone with a cooking talent, Hotel PERIGIALI has the right inspiration!

Writers, designers & actresses, go to AMMOS HOTEL in Magazia.

Hidden glory of the 50's, there is everywhere inside the old XENIA Hotel, now HOTEL HYDROUSSA.

For lawyers, notaries, bankers, corporate managers & British dreamers, choose the Tiepolo apartments on Molos East.

If you are an artist, rent the absolutely excellent contemporary PEFKOS island villa in Pefkos - Skyros West, definitely.

Models & Fashion Editors, would prefer the Skyros Suites for their elegance and the amazing aura of Skyros Chora.

For extraordinary dreams, you could also sleep inside the pretty sailing boat Always Summer - Feel in Greece in the middle of the sea.

For those who love poetry, maybe a room on MOLOS beach would be enough.

If you are 18 years old, you do not need a place to stay. 

Nights are too Long...

Stamatia on PEFKOS beach, has the home made traditional cuisine we are looking for.

Stefanos in Magazia, is the VIP restaurant of the island in a great location next to the sea on Skyros EAST.

Famous MARITSA in the cosmopolitan center of Skyros CHORA, cooks everyday delicious traditional gourmet plates. Try the unforgettable lamp!

You will eat absolutely fantastic lunch in AMMOUDIA beach bar-restaurant, on MOLOS beach.

Kyra Kali at Agios Fokas - Skyros WEST unexplored beach, serves daily amazing fresh fish and traditional plates.

KAVOS lounge cafe-bar in Linaria port has the famous view for a romantic early evening.

ΚΑΛΥΨΩ bar makes the mojito you was searching for...  Great smooth jazz!

You will have great fun(!) on the pool bar AIGAIORIS - Skyros EAST... Magnificent view!

You will meet day & night a lot of young people in the contemporary AGORA cafe-bar on Skyros main square.

If you have a cold beer under the stars in the beach, do not forget to take with you the empty bottle...