The people

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              Fotis from Linaria - Skyros

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The Peopl 

We are looking for the wonderful BLUE people of Skyros blue...

Stathis Katsarelias, a man with a dream...  

Our true friend Nikos !

First big & real smile on the way to Skyros !

Best "blue" coffee on Achilleas ferry boat.

The magical ceramic ART of Stamatis Ftoulis...

Δεν έχω καμιά αμφιβολία γιατί ο Σταμάτης Φτούλης διάλεξε να ζωγραφίζει τα μαγικά κεραμικά του δίπλα στο ανατολικό μικρό παράθυρο με τη γαλάζια θέα. Είναι ο καθημερινός του διάλογος με το πρωινό φώς μιας ανατολής που μόνο στο Αιγαίο μπορεί κανείς να συναντήσει. Ο Σταμάτης Φτούλης βλέπει & εμπνέεται ανατολικά, αναπνέει το βαθύ γαλάζιο της θάλασσας, αγγίζει τα πουλιά του Αιγαίου, θυμάται και ονειρεύεται μια ζωή χρωματιστή... 

                                                                                                                                Themis Veleris

The magical colors of ceramicist Stamatis Ftoulis...

The charismatic Stamatis Ftoulis comes from Skyros island and has been professionally engaged with traditional pottery since 1968 till today.
He is self-taught and during these decades he focuses at the Skyrian tradition, with his own creations of ceramic dishes, cups, vases, jugs etc, based on old patterns that still exist in the traditional houses of Skyros.
Notably, his work is exposed at the Modern Art Museum "Centre Georges Pompidou" in France. In 1968 he won the 2nd Award at the International Ceramics Exhibition in Frankfurt, where he competed between 25 ceramists from all over the world.
He has many years of cooperation with the Oltmans New York, which have a great number of shops with hand-made ceramics, as well with other exhibitors active in Oregon and the Santa Fe city.
He has worked with the Greek Traditional Center in Athens and also with the art stores "Tanagraia" and "Acron Ilion Crystal".
Many pottery shops from different places of Greece have purchased ceramics. His creations are exhibited in shops from Alexandroupoli to Crete and from Corfu to Cyprus .
Finally, many collective pieces exist at private collections in Athenian houses.  

The ice cream makers


Love for real & original flavors. 

Try a strawberry-vanilla walk inside the white paths of Skyros Chora.

Take with you back home the extraordinary macaroons! 

Stamatia !

The incredibly delicious homemade food you are looking for in your island vacation.

She runs the famous "Stamatia's tavern" on the magnificent PEFKOS beach.

Try the unbelievably tasty moussaka !

Kyriakos Antonopoulos

The soul of the PORT


Awarded for the Port Excellence and the "First in Greece Tourism Observatory Marine Tourism" in collaboration with the University Of The Aegean.

Tourism award 2017 for Guest Experience & Facilities Excellence.

Skyros Port Fund is responsible for administrating and holding body of the port and its jurisdiction is exhausted within the limits of Linaria port and its assigned coastal area of responsibility.


For full moon dinner !

Polyvios runs the all time classic & cosmopolitan "STEFANOS" restaurant on Magazia Long Beach...

The Eastern tasty place we love.

George & Ioanna

The soul of the square...

The talented caffe owner and the charming archeologist.

They run the successful all day cafe "Agora" on Skyros central square. Smooth lounge music in the middle of Skyros Chora.

Amanda Simpson

Founder of the "Skyros Island Horse Trust"

The Katsarelias-Simpson Project: Saving the Skyrian Horse in its Homeland.
One of the oldest, rarest breeds of horse on the planet.
Find out more about the Skyrian Horse here,
There are believed to be about 200 Skyrian Horses on the planet.
Skyros Island Horse Trust is home to nearly 40 of these animals.

Niko Sikkes

The romantic Dutchman 

This wonderful photographer and founder of the beautiful FB page "Skyros island friends", is an authentic example of how you could live continuously in Skyros (35 years...) full of "blue" happiness. Niko creates a lovely touch of the island through his magnificent photography. 


The children of Skyros

Innocence under Aegean bright light. A blue moment of pure island childishness. 

A moment of LIFE.

Marianna Fergadi

The Honey producer

...the natural source of energy that generously bees give us, harvested & packed by Fergadi family for over 85 years by applying only natural methods. Skyrian thyme honey, pine honey & heather honey. Keep in a cool, dry place.

Marion Auffray

The French who came to Skyros island in 2011 and seven years later, she is still here!

Mouries Farm 

Chrysanthi Zygogianni 

The island's eyes

Chrysanthi runs the lovely & innovative travel agency "feel in Greece". Living between Aegean blue & island white, she creates tailor made bird watching tours, hiking secret tours, extraordinary blue sailing cruises, delicious cooking courses & more...

Explore & Discover Skyros

Vasilis Trakos

Underwater passion

Vasilis collects the underwater BLUE of Skyros island. 

Discover unexplored worlds, make new friends, and enjoy a unique Scuba Diving in the middle of the Aegean sea. 

Constantina Skanavis


Professor of Environmental Education and Communication Department of Environment, University of Aegean

After 25 years in the University of Los Angeles, California, she found the award winning "SKYROS PROJECT" with Kyriakos Antonopoulos - Skyros Port Fund.

Eftihis Katsarelias

Always Summer...

Eftihis runs the very sophisticated sailing boat "always summer" & the sea tours boat "ΥΔΡΟΒΑΤΗΣ".  

He is always between the deep BLUE sea and the light BLUE sky. 

Follow the blue via "always summer"  

Phaedon & Giouli 

( and the beautiful "Jem"..! )

The Young Veterinarians !

Born in Athens & in Ioannina, Phaedon and Giouli studied both in the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki. A brilliant inspiration, brought them on 2015 to SKYROS island for the great BLUE adventure of Living Slow in the middle of the Aegean... 

Vagios !

The boy of "rent a FUN..."

Vagios runs the friendly "expo center/rent a motorbike - bike" in Skyros Chora. For having great fun, follow Vagios on two, three or four BLUE wheels !

Alexandros Polychronos

The jewelry designer and the BLUE...

In the middle of Skyros Chora, Alexandros creates an inspired collection of the Aegean BLUE. Pastel sky blue Aquamarine, Turquoise for good luck & bright Sapphire for honesty, loyalty, purity and trust. The Amethyst, Citrine, Emerald and Tourmaline are also the shades of his wonderful inspirations.

Vasilis !

Our friend in Linaria...

Vasilis left INDIA for Skyros island twenty years ago, and he is still here!

Christos Serafeim

Mr. Skyrian... cloudy marble!

Costis Aggelis


Costis runs the wonderful "Σκύρος Κοσμήματα Αιγαίον" store, in the middle of Skyros Chora. We all have a magical dreamy windmill of his wonderful fashion & souvenir store. 

The windmills of our heart!

Mr. Asimenos

The young fisherman and talented cook...

On a cosy terrace with a spectacular view to ASPOUS bay, Asimenos cooks for you fresh Aegean fish directly from his fisherman's boat.

Manolis Malamatinis

Appaloosa Horse Riding Club Skyros

Manolis loves his beautiful horses. It is a great experience to ride his lovely horses.

It is magical!

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